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Stay Current and Keep Driving!

FMCSA has made recent changes to how carriers must update their MCS-150 form.

They are also warning that DOT numbers will be deactivated and threatening further civil penalties if a carrier fails to update their MCS-150.

All carriers must still update their MCS-150 every 24 months. The schedule for this update is now based on the last number in your DOT.

The last number in your DOT will correspond to the appropriate month. For example, a DOT ending in 1 must be filed by the last day of January. If ending in 2, February, and so on. This means if your DOT ends with 5, your MCS-150 must be completed and updated by the last day of this month (May).

Please see the chart below for reference:

Please address this accordingly to avoid any downtime. Contact us and provide any changes to your: Address Telephone Drivers or Units And most importantly, the fleet total miles for the previous year. For example, if your DOT ends in 5 and you are updating this month, provide your total fleet miles for 2017.

Thanks! And be safe,

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