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Be prepared when asked to transmit your logs

ELDs are still in their infancy stage, and there is some confusion as these early phases are being worked out. Did you know that an officer may request an electronic transfer of your logs? They may also provide a code that corresponds to a specific inquiry.

If you have an ELD through KeepTruckin, this can be accomplished from your admin dashboard. We’ve taken the time to detail the steps below.

For drivers that do not have access to the admin dashboard, there is another method using the mobile app that is outlined HERE.

FMCSA does have a requirement that instructions for this process must be present with every driver. You may want to print this email or the linked tutorial for your truck or individual drivers. First, from your dashboard, click on “Logs” on the left hand side.

On the logs screen, look to the right. There is a very light icon. If hovered over, it will say “Send output file”. Click this icon.

On this screen, you can choose a driver, or multiple drivers. You can also choose a date or date range, by month or quarter, just like in your logs screen. Choose whatever driver/truck and date range are being requested, then click “next”.

On this screen, you have the option to email the logs or another option called “Web Service”. Web service is used for official requests by officers when they provide a code. Select “Web Service” and in the “Official Comment” field, type in the code.

Click send and you're done!

Below are some links to a few other common inquires regarding KeepTruckin ELDs. We hope you can find these helpful. 

Add a co-driver View and download driver reports Set up alerts Is an officer requesting printed logs? Enable a driver for ELD

Thanks! And be safe,


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